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I am the founder of this social network. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback about it, please feel free to contact me and let me know. You can use the contact form you find on this premium subpage.

The idea for this social network of European history I already had back in 2004. But it took untill 2011 in order to find the know how as well as financing this extraordinary project. On 2nd of April version 2.0 has gone online.

Please feel free to invite anyone crazy about history, if you please!

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- 03. April 2014: We just finished preparations of our equipment in order to leave for the Re-enactment-Fair at Villa Borg, where we will drive tomorrow -

- 13. mai 2013: Just back from Quondam in Belgium. It rained hard as anywhere in Europe this week end...

- 16. november 2012: We are leaving for Pontoise 13:00 o´clock

- 15. november 2012: We prepare to leave for Pontoise "Fous d´Histoire", France

- 11th of April 2012: We are preparing to leave for Pontoise, France for the history market as well as for Bexbach another re-enactment fair close to the french border...

- 6th of April 2012: Happy Easter!

- 5th of April 2012: My personal premium subpage on Middle-Ages.Com. You can use it to give me feedback.



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